3 types of dresses that you will want to have in your boutique for this holidays’ parties

Posted by Odette Herrera on Sep 20, 2019 8:04:10 PM

The end of the year is just around the corner and with it comes a ton of parties and celebrations with family, friends and colleagues at work. What does this mean in the fashion business? That a lot of people, especially women, will be looking for the perfect outfits to look flawless in each of their events.

Is your dress boutique ready for the end of the year parties? Now it's a right moment to order with your suppliers the pieces that will be key for Christmas, New Year and other holiday celebrations.

Here are 3 types of dresses that you will want to have in your boutique for the holidays' parties.


Sparkling navy blue



Navy blue is one of the favorite colors at Christmas and New Year. Not all girls like to be so obvious wearing a red dress (the classic Christmas color), so this shade of blue goes into the game with style.

If we add some sparks and fun fabrics to the color, the result is a dress that every girl will want to wear at her end of the year parties.


Elegant in trendy colors



During the holiday season there are events with stricter dress codes, so dresses with a touch of elegance are also very popular.

Stock your dress boutique with elegant options but in trendy colors, such as champagne. This tone has had a boom in recent seasons and the latest fashion shows revealed that it will continue to be so. Besides, it’s a color that looks great to receive the New Year.


Simple and dark



Dark colors are also widely used during the holiday season. Break out of the mold and don’t go only for black options, as there are other beautiful and elegant dark colors like wine or burgundy.

In addition, some women always prefer a simple dress, without flashy fabrics or glitters. So to pamper all your clients, make sure to also have simple dresses in dark colors in stock.

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