Champagne: the color every girl should be wearing

Champagne: the color every girl should be wearing

Some colors become trendy in a particular fashion season, while others are timeless and make any girl look fabulous.  

This is the case of champagne, a color whose tone lies between ivory and cream and evokes clarity and purity with an obvious elegant touch.

If champagne is not a color you have on your radar when buying a dress, we'll give you three reasons to love it and want it immediately in your closet.


Reason #1: It's versatile


Champagne is one of the most versatile colors that exist. It goes well for day events, but also night parties. It's a tone that can be used in serious celebrations or in gathering with a more relaxed vibe.

It's a neutral color that you can easily combine with more vivid tones to create a more striking and fun look. If on the contrary, you want to portray a serious appearance, then you can maintain its implicit sobriety by combining it with colors like brown and gray in light tones.


Reason #2: It’s elegant


Probably the first color that comes to your mind when thinking of elegance is black, but in reality, champagne is even more sophisticated. Besides, thanks to its versatility, you can use it in a first-class morning event (which is not recommended with color black) or for a gala party at night.

If you have never used champagne as a fashion color and an elegant event is approaching, give it a try. We promise you will love how it looks.


Reason #3: It fits all skin tones

Skin tone

Last but not least, champagne is a color that goes well with any skin tone.

It doesn't matter if you have light, brown or dark skin, champagne will delicately highlight your natural skin color, without contrasting too much or resulting in an exaggerated look. Neutral colors are very benevolent and always a good bet.

Are you convinced to give champagne a chance? Do it, you'll look fabulous in it.

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