3 wedding dress trends for 2020 that all bridal shop owners should know

3 wedding dress trends for 2020 that all bridal shop owners should know

Wedding dress trends for 2020 have arrived!

As the owner or manager of a bridal shop it’s important to be aware of them in order to include them in your inventory, and thus satisfy the requests of your clients who arrive in search of the latest trends.

Keep reading, as in this article we’ll highlight 3 trends that have taken over the most exclusive fashion shows, and that in 2020 every bride will want to wear.


Trend # 1: lace wedding dress

Lace wedding dress

Once again, lace wedding dresses are the absolute star of the wedding season.

We’ll see lace on the top, on the skirt, on the neckline, on the arms and making a fabulous match with transparencies.

The fancy detail of the year: the combination of lace and tulle that gives an airy and romantic look.

In addition, this year we’ll have more structured and thicker fabrics than in previous seasons.

Feathers, rhinestones and sequins return to give a vintage touch to the bridal look.


Trend # 2: the Meghan Markle euphoria

Bride modern

Yes, although Meghan Markle's wedding with Prince Harry was in 2018, the euphoria for the wedding dress that the Duchess of Sussex wore is still in trend and will continue at the 2020 weddings.

Simple lines, minimalist designs and the purest white color. Satin dresses or silk veil. Simplicity and elegance at its finest.


Trend # 3: bare back

Bare back wedding dress

Every year, backless wedding dresses are one of the big favorites. They’re sensual and delicate at the same time.

The back neckline can be quite pronounced, or low enough to show the skin with style.

Sleeves also come strong in the bridal season, so having wedding dresses with both trends (bare back and sleeves) in your boutique will be a fantastic option for brides-to-be.

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