These are the dress trends that every girl will be wearing in 2020

These are the dress trends that every girl will be wearing in 2020

In terms of fashion trends, 2020 will be coming with a lot of surprises.

In the most recent fashion shows it's been clear what the main trends in dresses will be for 2020. From colors that usually go unnoticed to styles that seemed stored in the wardrobe, there's no doubt that new year means new styles.

Check out the dress trends that are coming strong in 2020 and prepare your fashion boutique to impress your clientele.


Long white dress

Long white dress M

The white dress is not just for brides and this will be more than evident in 2020. Once again, the most famous fashion shows are the ones to blame for this trend that will be present throughout the year.

A fever for white dresses is coming, and they'll be the perfect outfit for all kinds of events: proms, galas, anniversaries, etc. However, we're not talking about any type of white dresses. We’re talking specifically about long white dresses, so consider having several models in stock.


Skin everywhere

Skin everywhere

In 2020 we will see a lot of skin. It's the trend: crop tops, cut out dresses, spaghetti straps and naked backs.

The skin will become the protagonist and for this, girls need dresses that let them show it elegantly. Do you already have in your stock dresses that show some skin in a fun but classy style? If not, it's time to order them from your suppliers.


Mini dress for evening events

Mini dress M

The mini, fun, flirty and avant-garde cocktail dress will be the favorite option for evening events in 2020.

Don't worry, long dresses will continue in hype, especially white ones, as we’ve already mentioned. However, the trendiest girls will want to wear mini dresses for their evening events. Give a boost to your inventory with a good selection of mini dresses in all kinds of colors and fabrics.

These three dress trends are coming strong in 2020. Carefully planning the stock that your store will have during the year is key to having your current customers happy and attracting new ones.

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